Defending the Cup, The 1964 America’s Cup Presentation Submariner

By John E. Brozek
© InfoQuest Publishing, Inc., 2014
Website Article, Summer 2014

We were lucky enough to obtain this Uber Rare Rolex presentation Submariner from the original owner, and crewmember of the USS Constellation.
The Constellation was the US defender ship in the 1964 America’s Cup and defeated the Sovereign 4-0.
The fearless crew of the USS Constellation during the 1964 America’s Cup.
This medallion was given to each of the crewmembers after the victory.
These framed images include the signature’s of each of the crewmembers.
The presentation watch, a 3rd quarter 1963, Rolex Submariner 5513, with Gilt Gloss Upper Underlined dial, was presented to each of the
USS Constellation’s crew before the race.
The caseback of the presentation watch is engraved “1964 AMERICA’S CUP ‘CONSTELLATION'”, along with the crewmember’s initials.
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