Expert Watch Repair

Expert Watch Repair

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Shipping us your watch for service is as easy as 1…2…3…
Step 1 - Call us to discuss the watch and obtain a Repair Authorization Number

Please make sure to have the watch with you when calling. We may have questions, and will need you to describe specifics about the watch. It may be helpful to have a magnifying glass handy for this process.

It will also be helpful if you have any service paperwork from your previous service(s), so we can determine what has (or has not) been done to the watch. We will answer any questions you may have about the service process and will provide you with an estimate price range for the service(s) required. During this process you will be speaking with an EXPERT and not just an “order taker.”

Step 2 - Complete the form below

Please be as detailed as possible when completing the form and include a telephone number. Answer all questions and be sure to sign the form. If sending more than one watch you will need to complete a separate form for each watch.

Please be as detailed as possible when completing the form, and check for errors before submitting. If sending more than one watch you will need to complete a SEPARATE form for EACH watch.

Step 3 - After receiving the Repair Authorization Number we will email you a FREE prepaid and fully-insured FedEx shipping label to send us your watch

Email us at to confirm when the watch has been shipped, and we will give you a courtesy call as soon as the watch arrives.

Ready to have your watch repaired now?

Still have questions about having your watch serviced?

Attention Watchmakers: We do not sell Rolex parts. We only use 100% genuine Rolex movement parts. Please Note: We do not give service estimates via email. For more information or to schedule your watch for service, please call us at 866.997.6539.

Why should I get my watch serviced?

Rolex recommends having your watch serviced (or overhauled) about every 5 years1. A Rolex watch consists of over 200 parts working together, within tolerances measured in microns (thousandths of a millimeter). The day to day movement of these parts causes friction — whether it be the metal to metal or even metal to jewel (ruby) contact — and requires proper lubrication to avoid failure.

Over time, the oils and greases used for this lubrication can break down, or dry up. This can result in coagulation (or hardening), which can affect the accuracy of your watch, and even cause subsequent damage to the movement’s tiny parts.

Furthermore, dried-out seals and gaskets can become hard and cracked, and thus result in a loss of the watch’s water resistance. If this happens, and water enters the watch and starts to rust, the movement could become unserviceable and result in a complete loss — as shown in the water-damaged example on the left. At this point the movement must be replaced. We see this about once a year, and the typical bill will run around $2,000 to $2,500.

Therefore, in the event that water has entered your watch, or even if you just notice moisture or fog under the crystal, it is very important that you have the watch serviced right away. DO NOT unscrew the winding crown and try to “dry out” the watch. By allowing oxygen to enter a water-damaged watch you are simply jumpstarting the oxidation process and accelerating the rust damage. Instead, you should seal the watch in a zip-lock plastic bag and CALL US IMMEDIATELY. We can help, but you must get us the watch right away.

Unfortunately, most people are under the misconseption “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” This can be a very costly mistake, as some people wear their watches for years without having them regularly serviced. Apparently, they feel that just because it’s a high-quality watch for some reason it doesn’t need to be serviced.

Would you drive your car for 5 to 10 years without having it serviced, or even having the oil changed? Of course you wouldn’t, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a Chevy or a BMW. The fact is, mechanical devices (regardless of price) require regular servicing in order to stay in working order. Neglecting this service will likely result in a very costly service bill down the road — pay now or pay (more) later.

In the example on the left, this Rolex GMT suffered a broken axle on the auto-wind mechanism. The watch was never serviced (for over 10 years), but instead the (halfmoon-shaped) rotor was allowed to basically “flop around” loosely (for several years) inside the watch and rubbed a groove into the caseback.

You can see the damage (black residue, AKA “Brake Dust”) around the outer edge of the caseback and again across the outer edge of the rotor. You would have little clue that this damage was occuring, as the watch would continue to run. The only symptom(s) being that the watch would slowly start to loose time, as the rotor got looser (and the auto-wind mechanisn became less efficient), and then finally the watch would stop running completely.

Depending on how severely damaged the axle was, you might be able to hear a small rattling sound inside the watch, as the axle bounces around — back and forth off the caseback and top of the movement.

In the example on the right, this 1998 Rolex Submariner had never been serviced (for 14 years). And like the previous example, the axle got so loose that it caused moderate scraping damage–actually grinding down the outer edge of the movement (seen on the left). The rotor also suffered damage along the outer top edge (seen on right), as it rubbed against the inside caseback.

Again, this scraping causes what we call “brake dust”, as it actually grings off microscopic chunks of metal from the movement, rotor and caseback. This residue then mixes with the oil, which is chewed up by the geartrain, causing additional damage to the movement gears, and can eventually result in a broken mainspring or worse.

Rolex 3135 movement

Water-damaged Rolex 5513 Submariner

Movement from a 1990 Rolex Datejust that went neglected for 10 years

Movement from a 1997 Rolex GMT with a very loose (broken) axle and severe movement damage

Movement from a 1998 Rolex Submariner with a loose (broken) axle resulting in moderate damage to the movement

Why should I trust my Rolex with QualityTyme?
When it comes to having your Rolex serviced we know you have a choice, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our team of certified watchmakers have over 75 years of combined experience and we treat every watch as if it were our very own — and we back that work with up to a full 3-year service warranty.

Please take a moment to review the (before & after) example photo gallery page. These are actual watches we have serviced for customers just like yourself. We are proud of the work that we do, and we think you’ll be proud of the way your watch looks when you get it back. Attention to detail is very important to us — from the mirror-finish shine we polish into your watch case — to a complimentary service box and blitz polishing cloth, which is included with every watch we service. We don’t just want your one-time business, we want you to come back, again and again for years to come.

All Rolex overhauls and repairs are backed by up to a full 3-year service warranty, and we put it in writing. Also, all watch overhauls, restorations and repairs include a service quality control sheet detailing the accuracy of your watch, with the error rate, amplitude and beat error in all 6 positions! We also complete a quality control checklist for every watch we service, ensuring that each watch gets our personal attention!

While we routinely service watches for celebrities and other high-profile clients, we were especially honored this year when asked to help former-president George H.W. Bush with the repairs of his Patek Philippe.
Watch Repair Questionnaire
Service a Watch
Is the watch running now?

Required upload size: 134.22MB

First, the watch is completely disassembled, and undergoes an extensive 20-point inspection. The movement (all 200+ parts) are ultrasonically cleaned and inspected.

All worn or damaged parts are replaced, and the movement is then reassembled and lubricated using six different types of factory approved oils and greases.

At this point, the movement is regulated for accuracy * and set aside for additional testing.

The watch case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned and then completely refinished (using both satin-finish and high-polish refinishing wheels), to obtain the factory-original finishes.

All gaskets and seals are replaced.

The watch movement is then reinstalled into the case.

After setting for a period of 2-3 days, the watch undergoes a series of post-service checks where it is again tested & inspected.

If needed, the movement is again regulated for accuracy *

The watch is now pressure-proof (water resistance) tested.

After sitting for another 2-3 days, the watch undergoes a series of tests and inspected, and a Quality Control Checklist is completed detailing the accuracy of the watch.

If, at this time, the watch does not pass this series of tests, it is opened, re-regulated and retested.

* Please Note: we test the accuracy for your watch in all 6 physical positions (unlike others who only time in 5 positions) to ensure proper accuracy.

The following parts of the watch are fully inspected for damage and functionality during the service.


1- The Mid-case and Caseback are inspected for condition, possible corrosion, as well as the condition of the threads to ensure proper pressure testing.

2- The Tube and Crown are inspected for damage and functionality, as well as the condition of the threads, again to ensure proper pressure testing.

3- The crystal (plastic or sapphire) is inspected for damage, scratches, cracks or chips, as well as the cyclops (if so equipped).

4- The Dial and Hands are inspected for damage, scratches, cracks, discoloration and lumination.

5- The Bezel (either decorative or functional) is inspected for damage and condition.

6- The functions of the watch (i.e. calendar, chronograph, date, etc.) are tested for operation and possible damaged parts.

7- The Bracelet is fully inspected for condition and operation, including the links, screws, clasp, endpieces and springbar pins.

8- The Numbers between the lugs (Case Reference and Serial Numbers) are recorded, and inspected to ensure that they are intact and have not been altered.


9- The movement timing, amplitude and beat error rate are checked.

10- The complete self-winding mechanism is checked (if so equipped), as well as the Rotor and Axle.

11- The balance, hairspring and mainspring are inspected for damage.

12- The movement is inspected for proper lubrication and any possible resulting damage.

13- Both the winding and setting pinions are inspected for wear and or damage.

14- The movement is fully inspected to ensure that everything is genuine, and nothing has been replaced with aftermarket or inferior quality parts.

15- The movement’s serial number (if so equipped) is recorded, and inspected to determine that it is intact and has not been altered.

16- The calendar discs (if so equipped) and fully inspected for damage, rust, discoloration and loss of digits or lettering.

17- The stem and set lever (or screw) are inspected for damage and proper operation.

18- The case clamps are checked to ensure a tight fit and no excessive play or shifting.

19- All gaskets are checked, as well as any possible resulting damage.

20- The overall fit and finish of the watch is inspected.

The prices listed below now reflect a recent reduction to our service prices. That’s right, even though Rolex has continued to impose annual price increases for parts, we have chosen to roll back our service prices to 2005 levels.

Our business has never been better and we just want to thank our loyal customers for that success. We know it can be difficult in these questionable economic times, therefore we have decided to help out those who have helped us for nearly a decade.

When the economy rebounds we will eventually restore our service prices to previous levels. In the meantime, you will continue to receive the same excellent quality of service you have come to expect, and we will always maintain our policy of using only 100% genuine Rolex movement parts — beware of watchmakers who quote low prices because they use inferior aftermarket parts!

Furthermore, as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, I am also proud to offer a 10% military discount for all active duty members of the U.S. armed forces — Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. This is just our way of saying “thank you” to the brave men and women who defend our country at home and abroad. PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for this 10% discount you must include a photocopy of your Military ID Card when submitting your watch for service. We will not accept a request for Military Discount after the watch has been received for service. No exceptions.

Rolex Overhaul / Service Price List
Some Manufacturers charge as much as $895 to $1295 and up (plus parts) for their “Factory Service”
Complete Rolex Overhaul: Late models (with Sapphire Crystal):
Starting at $365

Complete Rolex Overhaul: Older models (with Plastic Crystal):
Starting at $395

Complete Rolex Overhaul: Chronograph models:
Starting at $695

Case & bracelet refinish only (no overhaul):
Starting at $200

Case & bracelet repair: By estimate

Vintage watch refinishing and restoration: By estimate

Case tubes: From $65

Crowns: From $155 to $185 depending on the model

Bezel Inserts (Submariner or GMT-Master): $150 to $200

Sapphire Crystal: $200 to $300

Hands: By estimate

Refinish Dials and Hands: By estimate

Dial and Hand Relumes: By estimate

We also offer Custom & Diamond Dials and Bezels, as well as Replacement Bracelets.

Insurance and Estate Appraisals are also available.

Every appraisal includes a detailed photo of the watch — including the front dial, as well as the inside movement.

Multi-watch discounts are available, as well as a special discounted price if we are servicing the watch. Please call us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service fake or replica watches?

No, we only service genuine watches.

Do you use genuine Rolex movement parts, or generics?

Yes, we only use 100% genuine Rolex movement parts.

Do you only work on Rolex watches?

No, we service all major watch brands, including, but not limited to: Rolex, Tudor, Cellini, Gerard Perregaux, Omega, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Franck Muller, Baume & Mercier, Breguet, Bvlgari, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Panerai, Chopard, Concord, IWC, Maurice Lacroix, Corum, Tag Heuer, Tiffany & Co., Breitling, Hamilton and Waltham. We also service pocket watches.

Are you an Authorized Rolex Service Center?

This is a very good question, and you must be careful about the terminology you use, as it is probably the mosty widely abused term in the watchmaking community today.

There are only three (3) Authorized (or “official”) Rolex Service Centers in the United States. They are all owned by Rolex, and are as follows… Rolex New York, Rolex Dallas and Rolex Beverly Hills. Rolex also has an affiliation with another service center in San Francisco (often called Rolex San Francisco), but it is not owned by Rolex. Furthermore, the ONLY “Certified Rolex Watchmakers” are those individuals working at the aforementioned Service Centers, and their “certification” expires the second they stop working for these facilities.

Therefore, if any independent watchmaker (on the Internet or elsewhere) tells you that he is a “Certified Rolex Watchmaker”, or that his company is an “Authorized Rolex Service Center” then he is simply lying to you.

QualityTyme is COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT and NOT AFFILIATED with Rolex USA IN ANY WAY. With that being said, our watchmakers are authorized to order parts from Rolex, and our team of technicians are all CW21 Certified Watchmakers, as well as members of numerous prestigious watch organizations around the world.

Please Note: Our Rolex Parts Accounts are registered under the names of our watchmakers, as is the norm. Rolex Parts Accounts are almost never registered under the name of the company or jeweler. This is how Rolex regulates their parts and ensures that only those watchmakers that are authorized can order parts.

A watchmaker must pass a brutal series of test and certifications in order to obtain these coveted parts accounts. Furthermore, they must undergo routine testing and surprise inspections of facilities in order to keep the account active. If at any time the watchmaker fails to maintain these levels their parts account is revoked.

By registering the parts account under the watchmaker’s name it keeps a company or jeweler from ordering parts under a blanket account and distributing parts to unqualified watchmakers. Again, this ensures that only those watchmakers that are qualified get access to genuine Rolex parts. We are contacted every day by unqualified watchmakers who try to buy parts from us. Our answer is always the same: No, we do not sell parts.

I sent my watch to a particular watch manufacturer for “Factory Service”, but they told me it’s too old and they can’t fix it!!! Can you service my watch?

Yes, I know this sounds crazy, but some manufacturers may not service a particular watch simply based on its age. In fact, some manufacturers consider a watch just 20 to 30 years old as “vintage” or “Classic”, and claim they can’t get parts. Companies generally “support” the watches they produce with replacement parts for around 20 years AFTER THE WATCH IS DISCONTINUED. What sounds even crazier is that they may service one watch from a particular period but not others. It just depends on which movement is in your watch.

While some manufacturers will currently service watches dating back to the mid 1980s, this date will no doubt move up, as their supply of factory parts dries up. It is worth mentioning that it was around this time that they switched to a newer series movement, and some have apparently chosen this period as the cut off, again, based on their supply of parts.

Coincidentally, some manufacturers discontinued plastic crystals (in favor of Synthetic Sapphire), around this same time (the mid 1980s), making this an easy way to physically identify watches from that period. Therefore, many authorized dealers may have established the “cut off” as any watch with a plastic crystal. Meaning that they will decline to send a watch back to the factory for service if it features a plastic crystal, based on their previous experiences with that manufacturer. Not that there is anything wrong with plastic crystals, it’s just an easy way to identify the “era” of the watch.

The sad thing is the factory may actually have the parts to fix your particular watch, but some manufacturers simply stop “supporting” a particular watch when they drop below a certain threshold of replacement parts for that movement. For example, they may establish an inventory level for a particular movement at 25%. Meaning, when they drop below 25% of the replacement parts for a particular movement they just stop supporting it.

But what if your watch only needs two or three (common) parts which are still on the inventory list? Well, that’s what makes us different from the “Factory Service”. While they will often just decline the watch, based on its movement caliber, we will open the watch and determine what exactly your individual watch needs before making a judgement call.

We routinely call these manufacturers to confirm their particular policy on this subject, and we also receive calls from customers every month regarding this policy. Individual manufacturers may change their policy at any time, so if you question whether a particular manufacturer will service YOUR watch, please call them directly.

With that being said, there is good news. QualityTyme can and will continue to service watches beyond the 25 year mark. In fact, we have serviced and restored countless rare and vintage watches (of all brands), some of which dating back to pre-World War One – circa 1915 !!

So, if you have a priceless vintage family heirloom, or just an old knock around watch from the 1970s, rest assured we can bring it back from the dead.

What kind of warranty do you offer for your service?

While most companies only offer a 1 or possibly even a 2 year warranty on their service, we feel so strongly about the quality of our work that we back it with upto a FULL 3-YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY (based on the age of your watch) — and yes that’s even better than the 2-year factory warranty offered from Rolex USA !! Please Note: All work service performed by QualityTyme is backed by QualityTyme. This warranty is NOT backed by Rolex USA or any of its affiliates.

What is covered under your warranty?

To read a full description of what is covered, as well as the disclaimer of what is not covered please click here

Do you offer any “upgrade” or custom options while servicing my watch?

Yes, we offer a wide range of upgrade options, including but not limited to simply changing the color of your dial, adding custom diamond dials, bezels and replacement bracelets. Please note if your watch is still under factory warranty with Rolex, adding these “custom” parts may void said warranty. However, we will still warranty these parts and services under our SERVICE WARRANTY.

My watch has a plastic crystal, can I switch it out to a sapphire crystal?

No. Plastic (i.e. acrylic) and sapphire crystals have a different mount type, and thus are not interchangeable. Therefore, your watch cannot be switched from plastic to sapphire, or vise versa (i.e. when a watch is “born” with a specific style crystal it must stay that way). While there are some aftermarket companies producing “conversion” crystals, they are inferior quality and often cannot maintain a pressure seal. Rolex USA does not “approve” of these aftermarket (or conversion) crystals, NOR WILL WE INSTALL THEM. If your watch currently features one of these conversion crystals we may require the crystal be switched by to the factory Plastic crystal during our service.

How do I schedule my watch for service?

We have devised a simple 1-2-3 system for sending us your watch (also described above in detail)…

1. Fill out our Watch Repair Form

2. Call our toll free number (1.866.997.6539) to obtain a Repair Authorization Number. At this time we will ask you a few questions about the watch and give you an “estimated price” for the work we will be performing based on the information you provide. We will then email you a FREE Prepaid and Fully-Insured Fed-ex Shipping Label.

3. Ship us your watch, using the Fed-ex label we provided, and following the packaging instructions on PAGE TWO of the REPAIR FORM.

I noticed on the Watch Repair Form that you want me to ship my watch to “InfoQuest Publishing, Inc.” Why am I shipping it to a publishing company?

In addition to selling and servicing Rolex and other premium watches, we are also the author and publisher of one of the best selling and most respected series of reference books on the subject of Rolex — “The Rolex Report”.

In order to publish these books (since 1999) we founded InfoQuest Publishing, Inc. This is our corporate name and our legal entity. Therefore, we have all shipments addressed to this company name.

But it also serves a double purpose, as it attracts less attention to the package during shipping. (i.e. a package going to the “repair department” of a publishing company is less likely to be stolen than one going to a company selling/servicing Rolex watches.)

If I’m in the Tampa Bay area can I drop the watch off in person?

Yes, you are always welcome to drop the watch off (and/or pick up) in person. Our store is located in the Lobby of the Northern Trust Bank Bldg, located in downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida, at 100 Second Avenue South, Suite 104N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701.

How long does the service take?

Within a few days of receiving your watch, we will give you a courtesy call to confirm that we received your watch.

After we have had a chance to inspect the watch, we will then call you back (usually within 5-7 days) to give you a complete diagnostics on the watch, along with the exact price for the services we will be performing. There are NEVER any surprise fees. You will know EXACTLY how much the service will be BEFORE we start working on your watch.

If you decide NOT to have the watch serviced you owe us NOTHING. That’s right, we DO NOT charge for estimates. At this point you would simply pay for the return shipping of your watch and nothing more. This is very important because many companies will charge either a “Declined Service Fee” or an “Estimate Fee” which they will then APPLY to the service cost if you elect to have the watch servcied. Either way, they end up charging you hundreds of dollars if you elect not to have your watch serviced by them. We do not.

However, if you opt to have us service the watch, we will get your appoval to start the service, and take your payment method.

Depending on the age of the watch, what we are doing to the watch (and if any parts are needed), the service portion “usually” takes around 2 to 4 weeks. Therefore, the complete turnaround time is usually around 4 to 6 weeks and sometimes as much as 8 weeks (if we have to wait on parts) from the time you ship us the watch to the time we ship it back to you. However, these are just estimates and we never quote exact dates. We believe in providing quality, thorough service and therefore we do not “rush” our work. Please BEWARE of website companies quoting 2-3 week turnaround on complete overhauls. They are often not doing a complete services and are simply cutting corners or doing sloppy work.

Also, please note that “vintage” watches, complete restorations and chronographs (i.e. any watch with a “stop watch” function — such as the Daytona) may require additional time to complete due to their overall complicated nature. Again, these watches routinely require longer than the aforementioned “average” service times and we appreciate your patience.

Furthermore, parts are sometimes on “backorder” from Rolex. This does not happen often, but we have no control when it does.

What payment methods do you accept?

If you are located in the U.S. we can accept Visa, Master Card, or Discover, PayPal, as well as Western Union, Personal Checks (must clear before watch ships), Cashier’s Checks, or Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers.

If you are not located in the U.S. then payment must be made via Western Union, or Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers. NO CREDIT CARDS FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES.

How do you ship my watch back to me?

Depending on where you are located, we will ship your watch via Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air or Fed-Ex Ground/Home Delivery.

Please Note: The $2000 maximum insurance limit we described above does not apply to us as we do not use Fed-Ex ‘s insurance. All of our packages are insured by our Jeweler’s Block Insurance Policy and are covered up to $50,000 for each shipment.

Do you offer any expedited services?

Yes, under certain circumstances we can expedite the aforementioned service times.

For instance, if your watch has suffered “water damage” it will receive preferential treatment and automatically goes to the front of the line. This is critical, as water damaged watches must be serviced very quickly of the movement can become permanently damaged and result in a total loss.

If you simply need the watch back by a certain date to coordinate with your travel plans or schedule, we will try to accomodate you. However, we will need to know of this request at the time you call to obtain the RA# so we can schedule your watch accordingly, and a slight surcharge may apply.

Will you service my watch if I’m located outside the U.S.?

At this time we will ONLY accept watches shipped to us from WITHIN the United States. No watches shipped to us from OUTSIDE the United States — and yes this includes watches from Canada.

Again, DO NOT SHIP US YOUR WATCH FROM OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. We will REFUSE the package and it will be returned to you. And, if we receive a Customs Invoice for the import of your watch WE WILL SEND YOU THE BILL.

Furthermore, we will ONLY ship your watch BACK TO an address here in the United States.

This is due to Customs issues, as well as insurance coverage limitations for International shipments.

If you live OUTSIDE the U.S., but you have an address HERE in U.S. (a family member or friend) where the watch can be shipped FROM and TO then that is fine.

For U.S. military customers, you must have an address here in the United States where the watch is to be shipped after service — APO addresses are not acceptable, as Fed-Ex will not deliver to them.

Do you buy watches?

Yes, we buy watches all the time. So, if you send us a watch for service, but decide you don’t want to spend the money to fix it, we will be happy to give you an offer to buy your watch in its current “as is” condition. You can ship us your watch (using the following link we buy watches), or you can visit us in the Lobby level of the Northern Trust Bank Bldg in downtown St Petersburg, Florida.
Furthermore, we will ONLY ship your watch BACK TO an address here in the United States.

This is due to Customs issues, as well as insurance coverage limitations for International shipments.

If you live OUTSIDE the U.S., but you have an address HERE in U.S. (a family member or friend) where the watch can be shipped FROM and TO then that is fine.

For U.S. military customers, you must have an address here in the United States where the watch is to be shipped after service — APO addresses are not acceptable, as Fed-Ex will not deliver to them.

I just found your website on the Internet, how do I know that I can trust sending you my watch?

That is a very good question. There are literally dozens of so-called “certified watchmakers” popping up on the Internet everyday, and you have no way of knowing who they are or what kind of service they will provide. Many work out of a kiosk at the mall where they “specialize” in replacing watch batteries for $20. Therefore, I suggest doing a thorough search of any company that you are considering sending your watch.

First, I would ask you to visit our About Us page. This will give you a little better understanding of who we are, our credentials, professional background, and the many watch organizations we belong to.

The owner of this website is John Brozek. He is the author or The Rolex Report, a critically acclaimed reference book on the subject of Rolex watches, and probably one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. Feel free to “Google Search” his name… you will currently get over 100,000 hits, including reviews for his book, and online watch forums referencing his work, etc…

Next, feel free to check our references at any of the watch organizations listed on this page, including the NAWCC, AWCI, IWJG, BHI, WWT, or IWCS. You can also ask for references on just about any Rolex watch forum on the Internet. Chances are someone on the forum has done business with us in the past.

In the past, the customer service department at Rolex USA (in New York) has recommended us to customers with vintage Rolex watches in need of service. With that being said, times change, as do company policies. Please note: We are NOT an Authorized Rolex Dealer, and we are not affiliated with the Rolex Watch Company IN ANY WAY. We are an independent company. Our watchmakers all have Rolex Parts Accounts and we service modern and vintage Rolex (and other premium brand) watches.

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