Terms of Business

This page details the TERMS OF BUSINESS for QualityTyme Rare & Fine Timepieces (and its legal entity InfoQuest Publishing, Inc.), including sales from this website (www.QualityTyme.net), as well as from the qualitytymeauctions eBay auctions. By placing an order on this website, or by placing a bid on our eBay auctions, indicates your acknowledgement and agreement to these Terms of Business. If you do not agree to be bound by and comply with all of the foregoing, do not place an order from this website, or place a bid on our auctions.


InfoQuest Publishing, Inc. was founded in 2002, with the purpose of offering the very latest Rolex information and the finest horological-related products and services. The domain iq-enterprises.com was utilized until late 2004, when QualityTyme.net was launched as the primary domain to market our information and products. We want your shopping experience with us to be a pleasurable one and we want you to be happy with your purchase and with our company. We hope that you will tell your friends about us, as referrals are always greatly appreciated. We provide the following terms and policies with which we conduct business.


You should receive an email confirmation within 15 minutes of placing an order from this website. We also send winning (auction) bidders a confirmation email within 24-hours of the end of the (eBay) auction. Unfortunately, email is not yet 100% reliable, and these emails are often “bounced”, or “filtered out” by your email server. Likewise, if your email utilizes a “Spam Filter”, you may not receive these messages. It is your responsibility to make sure that you can receive emails from our account (jb247@hotmail.com , and/or sales@qualitytyme.net).


If you do not receive these e-mail confirmations you should assume they were bounced.


How we ship…

All Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation (2-4 days “time in transit”), USPS (EMS) Express Mail (1-2 days “time in transit”), Fed-Ex Ground (3-5 days “time in transit”), or Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air (2 days “time in transit”).

All International orders (countries OUTSIDE the U.S.) are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International (4-10 days “time in transit”), or USPS (EMS) Express Mail International (2-5 days “time in transit”). Please Note: If your country does not support USPS Priority Mail International your order MUST be shipped via USPS (EMS) Express Mail International, which is at a higher rate. For a list of countries that support USPS Priority Mail International please CLICK HERE.

We reserve the right to ship your order by any of the aforementioned services, depending on the size and weight of your order, and the shipping destination, regardless of the shipping method quoted on the order page.

Please Note: The International shipping services listed above DO NOT always provide “tracking” information for the shipper.

Signature Required…

All orders over $100 are shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED. It is your responsability to ensure that someone is there to sign for the package. Furthermore, we will ONLY ship to the BILLING ADDRESS on the Credit Card, and we do NOT “redirect” shipments to alternate addresses.

When we ship…

Orders are generally shipped twice per week (Tuesdays & Fridays). However, sometimes holidays or weekends may cause your order processing to be delayed a short time, and we appreciate your patience.

Please Note: The “time in transit” (listed above) is the ESTIMATED time the package will take for delivery AFTER it has been shipped, and does not refer to the time it will take for your order to arrive after you PLACE THE ORDER. Furthermore, these times are NOT GUARANTEED.

Where we ship…

We are happy to offer our products to International customers. However, due to excessive Internet/credit card fraud, we have limits as to payment methods we accept. For more information please scroll down to “Payment Options” below. Furthermore, some countries may not support all shipping methods.

Shipping & Handling Rates…

Shipping & Handling is NOT just the cost of the stamp on your package. In addition to postage costs, there are packaging materials, labels, and even the labor involved in processing and shipping your order. Not to mention International packages which require “Customs” forms to be processed.

The Shopping Cart automatically calculates the Shipping & Handling Rate based on the total gross weight of the items in your order. There are (3) different shipping methods available to choose from during “Check Out”:

Standard U.S. Shipping is for U.S. customers ONLY and, depending on the products ordered, will result in shipping via USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, or Fed-Ex Ground, based on the size and weight of your order. Please Note: Not all products are available to all customers, or by all shipping methods. Please review the Shipping & Handling Rates for each item purchased.

2nd Day Air U.S. Shipping is for U.S. customers ONLY, and will result in shipping via USPS Express Mail, or Fed-Ex 2nd Day Air, based on the size and weight of your order. Please Note: Not all products are available to all customers, or by all shipping methods. Please review the Shipping & Handling Rates for each item purchased.

International Shipping is for ALL customers located outside the U.S., and will result in shipping via USPS Priority Mail International, or USPS (EMS) Express Mail International, based on the size and weight of your order, and the destination country. CLICK HERE for a list of countries which support Priority Mail International. Please Note: Not all products are available to all customers, or by all shipping methods. Please review the Shipping & Handling Rates for each item purchased.

Order Tracking / Lost or Damaged Orders

When inquiring about the status of your order, we MUST have the following information:

1) The FULL NAME used on the order, including any “company name” which may have been used.
2) The SHIPPING ADDRESS used on the order.
3) HOW you sent funds. Cash, Check, Money Order, PayPal, BidPay, Credit Card, etc…
4) The EXACT DATE of WHEN you sent funds.
5) Your eBay USER ID, and AUCTION NUMBER (for auction winners).

In the event that your order does not arrive whithin a reasonable amount of time, you should always check with your local Post Office and/or Customs Department, as packages are sometimes held by these agencies until Import Duties or Tarrifs are paid.

InfoQuest Publishing, Inc. accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for lost, or damaged orders once they have been shipped. We do not work for the shipping carriers, and therefore we have NO CONTROL over their delivery service. In the event that your order becomes lost, damaged, or delayed, we will do everything in our power to help you locate the package, and/or file insurance claims with the respective shipping carrier, but we will NOT refund, or replace an order.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you INSPECT and TEST all products IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your order. Please Note: Not all “damage” is indicated by a damaged box, especially with electronic devices (i.e. Watch Winders, etc…) These items can become damaged during shipping even if the shipping box appears undamaged, and they should be inspected and tested right away.

In the event that shipping damage has occured, you MUST contact us with 24 hours of delivery of your order so we can file an Insurance Claim. Furthermore, you MUST retain ALL shipping boxes and packaging materials, as they are required for Insurance Claims. Once the Insurance Claim has been completed we will contact you about sending out the replacement product(s).

Shipping Insurance…

Shipping Insurance is OPTIONAL for all orders processed on this website at the following rate:

$0.01 to $49.99 = $1.00

$50.00 to $99.99 = $2.00

$100.00 to $199.99 = $3.00

$200.00 to $299.99 = $4.00

$300.00 to $499.99 = $5.00

$500.00 to $799.99 = $6.00

$800.00 to $999.99 = $7.00

$1,000.00 and up… = $8.00

To include Shipping Insurance with your order just click the link provided below the “ADD TO CART” button for each item ordered. These “links” have the aforemention Shipping Insurance Rates precalculated for each item..

Please Note: Failure to include Shipping Insurance with your order payment constitutes a waiver of liability on our part for ANY possible loss or damage of your order during shipping.

Volume Discounts

Many products offered on this website are available at DEALER PRICING with volume orders. For more information or a price quote please email us at jb247@hotmail.com


We are happy to offer Layaway for “most” products on this website. To inquire about placing something in Layaway please email us at jb247@hotmail.com

To put something in Layaway, a minimum 20% deposit is required, and a (minimum) 10% payment should be made each month thereafter until completely paid off. However, under certain circumstances we will hold a Layaway open for up to 12 months.

Once a product is placed in Layaway it will be considered “sold”, and will not be subject to any price increases during the Layaway period. Products will not be shipped until they completely paid for, and any warranties on said product will not start until it is shipped to the customer.

Layaway is also available for some “one of a kind” items (i.e. preowned watches, unique items, etc…). However, deposits and payments made on “one of a kind” items are NOT refundable, and we generally will not hold these Layaways open for more than 3 to 6 months.

Payment Options

Payments from customers WITHIN the United States are accepted via Credit Cards, PayPal, Snail Mail, Western Union, or Bank Wire Transfer.

Payments from customers OUTSIDE the United States are accepted via Western Union, or Bank Wire Transfer ONLY (explained below). No Credit Cards and No PayPal.

Ordering via “Snail Mail” (i.e. mailing us your payment)…

While we utilize the industry standard data incription techniques, we understand that some people still feel uncomfortable giving their credit card information over the Internet. Therefore, we also accept payments the “old fashioned way” (i.e. via Snail Mail). The following forms of payment are accepted in U.S. Dollars: CASH (sent at your own risk), CHECK, MONEY ORDER, or CASHIER’S CHECK (in U.S. Dollars and drawn on a U.S. Bank) payable to:

Quality Tyme Rare & Fine Timepieces
200 Second Avenue South, Suite 421
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

If sending funds via “Snail Mail” we would request that you initiate a purchase through our SHOPPING CART, and select “CHECK” as the form of payment. This will calculate the total purchase price (including shipping). Then, simply print out the SHOPPING CART by going to FILE > PRINT at the top of your browser. Include a copy of the SHOPPING CART print out with your payment. Also, make sure to include your COMPLETE CONTACT INFORMATION with your payment.

Please Note: “Personal”, or “Business” Checks are accepted, but may be held until cleared, which means your order may be delayed for upwards of 7-10 days. ALL checks returned by your bank for NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) we be charged a $35.00 NSF fee. Furthermore, we will ONLY accept checks which are drawn on a U.S. Bank. This means we DO NOT accept ANY checks which are drawn on a bank from outside the U.S.

Western Union…

Due to excessive Internet fraud we will ONLY accept International payments (from outside the U.S.) in the form of Western Union (orders under $500), or Bank Wire Transfer (for orders over $500). This means ALL International orders under $500 MUST be paid via Western Union.

PLEASE NOTE: If sending funds via Western Union, we currently offer a discount (around 7%) to help cover the fees they charge for sending the funds.

To locate a Western Union office in your country please visit their website at www.WesternUnion.com

To send a payment via Western Union you will need to do the following:

1: Select the item(s) you wish to purchase (in the shopping cart) and copy that list into an email to us at jb247@hotmail.com.

2: In that email you must also include your shipping address so we can calculate the shipping charge.

3: Once we reply to that email with the total price (with shipping charge) you can initiate a Western Union Payment to:

John E. Brozek
200 Second Avenue South, Suite 421
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

After sending funds you will need to e-mail us with the following information:

2) The COUNTRY funds are being sent FROM.
4) The TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER (needed to retrieve the money).
6) WHAT you are ordering.
8) Your Telephone Number

Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers…

We accept Wire Transfers for purchases over $500, but you are responsible for ANY and ALL associated fees on your end. Please email us at jb247@hotmail.com for Wire Transfer instructions.

Ordering via the Internet…

We accept Internet payments from the following services:

Credit Cards…

The Shopping Cart on this site allows us to process CREDIT CARDS (Visa, Master Card, or Discover ONLY) via our MERCHANT ACCOUNT, as well as PAYPAL payments, while utilizing industry standard data incryption techniques.

However, due to excessive Internet/Credit Card Fraud, we will NOT accept Credit Cards from ANYONE outside ther U.S. This means the “issuing bank” MUST be located within the United States AND your “Billing Address” MUST be located within the United States.

Furthermore, you MUST enter the BILLING ADDRESS when placing your order and we will ONLY “ship” to that BILLING ADDRESS. We utilize AVS (Address Verification System) via our credit card merchant account, and we “manually” check all orders before shipping. Therefore, if you do not enter the correct Billing Address your order will be CANCELED. Also, please do not email us asking for your order to be shipped to a different address. There are NO exceptions.

Please Note: If ordering via PayPal or with your CREDIT CARD, the charge may appear on your statement as QUALITY TYME.

Paypal PayPal

Paypal payments are accepted to the following email address: jb247@hotmail.com

However, due to excessive Internet/PayPal Fraud, we DO NOT accept PayPal from ANYONE outside ther U.S. This means you MUST be located within the United States and your PayPal account MUST be registered to an address within the United States.

Furthermore, you MUST have a VERIFIED PayPal account, and you must have a CONFIRMED ADDRESS with PayPal. Otherwise your payments will be blocked. If your account is not verified or your address is not confirmed by PayPal then you must call PayPal to have this done BEFORE placing an order.

We will ONLY “ship” to the CONFIRMED ADDRESS you have listed with PayPal. Also, please do not email us asking for your order to be shipped to a different address. There are NO exceptions.

Please Note: If ordering via PayPal or with your CREDIT CARD, the charge may appear on your statement as QUALITY TYME.

Feedback (auction-related sales)

It is our policy to leave feedback for auction winners AFTER they have received their order and left feedback for us FIRST. This is due to the fact that many bidders will not return feedback after sellers have made the effort to leave it for them first. Furthermore, this is one of the ways we confirm that you have received your order.

We assure you that a positive feedback left for us will be returned with a GLOWING Positive Feedback for you. However, by leaving us a Negative Feedback without giving us the opportunity to correct the problem will result in a Negative Feedback returned to you in kind.

We are an eBay Power Seller and have been dealing on eBay since January, 1999. We currently have a Feedback Rating of 2800, with OVER a 99% Positive Rating. We are VERY willing to correct any problems or issues that may arise. Therefore, if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, please e-mail us BEFORE leaving feedback so it can be resolved.

Product Returns

If you ever have the need to return a product you must contact us PRIOR to making the return so we can issue you a RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER. This number MUST be included with your return, as well as printed on the OUTSIDE of the package you are returning. Any returns made WITHOUT this number will be refused and returned to you POSTAGE DUE, and a refund WILL NOT be issued.

All RETURN REQUESTS must be made within 3 DAYS of receiving the product. And all APPROVED RETURNS must be RECEIVED by us within 7 days of issuing you the “Return Authorization Number”.

In the event that a return is authorized, the item must be returned to us in BRAND NEW, COMPLETE, RESELLABLE CONDITION. This means it must include ALL parts, accessories, manufacturer’s boxes and paperwork for the unit. Failure to return a “complete” product will result in a RESTOCKING FEE.

Furthermore, all returns must be sent using a NEW SHIPPING BOX (with adequate packaging material), and must be sent via an INSURED CARRIER (i.e. UPS, Fed-Ex, or USPS Insured). Please Note: Most shipping carriers will NOT approve Insurance Claims if a shipping box is reused (i.e. you CANNOT return and item to us in the same box we shipped it to you in.)

In the event that the item(s) are returned to us “damaged”, we will help YOU file Insurance Claims with your shipping carrier. But, the Insurance Claim will be issued in YOUR name, so it is important that YOU purchase adequate insurance to cover the ENTIRE “Purchase Price” of the item(s) you are returning, and you MUST retain the Insurance Receipt, as this is the only way YOU are covered by the Shipping Carrier. Refunds and Exchanges will NOT be issued for product(s) damaged during return shipping.

All orders over $100 will be shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED. It is your responsability to ensure someone is there to sign for the package, or you will need to go to the Fed-Ex Hub (with your photo ID) to pick up the package in person. Any shipments that are retruned to us by Fed-Ex or USPS as “undeliverable” or “no one home to sign for package” will result in a canceled order and a 20% RESTOCKING FEE will be applied to cover the shipping cost and credit card cancelation fees.

Products returned due to a “manufacturer defect” will be exchanged.

Products returned for a refund will be subject to a 20% RESTOCKING FEE.

You are responsible for all shipping charges and expenses to return a product, and Shipping & Handling charges are NOT refundable.

Credit Card Fees for Cancelled Orders and Returns.

When you place an order with a CREDIT CARD (via our mercant account and NOT via PayPal) we are charged a credit card processing fee of around 3% on that transaction. However, if you decide to cancel your order or make a return, we are then charged ANOTHER credit card processing fee of around 3% to credit the funds back to your account.

Therefore, in the event that you place an order with a CREDIT CARD (via our merchant account and NOT PayPal), and then you decide to cancel that order or make a return simply because you changed your mind. You will be charged a cancellation/return fee equal to that credit card processing fee of 3% on the charge AND 3% on the credit back to your card for a total of 6% of the charge amount (i.e. $60.00 per $1,000 purchase). This fee will be subtracted from the credit that is applied back to your card.

Please note we do not make a dime on this fee and it is simply to offset the processing fee we will be charged by our merchant account. Many people think that when you “cancel” a charge or credit the funds back to a card that the original fee is also canceled or credited back to the merchant. Unfortunately that is NOT the case and, as explained above, the merchant is actually charged TWICE.

Watch Repair Payment Due Dates

After receiving a watch for service it is run through a series of bench tests and inspections (free of charge) to determine what exactly is wrong. We then contact the owner (usually within 3-5 days) with an exact service cost and to obtain a verbal approval from the customer to start work of the watch. Payment for all Expert Watch Repair Services (including but not limited to: overhauls, repairs, restorations or cleanings) is due immediately upon receiving this approval, via credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover). Or, in the event that the customer elects to send another payment method (i.e. mailing a check or requesting a PayPal invoice via email) the payment must be received within 7 days. Any watch repair invoices left unpaid for over 90 days will be considered as “abandoned” and the watch will be sold to recover the repair costs.

Abandoned Property

Pursuant to Florida state law, we are not responsible for any article left unclaimed after 180 days. This means any merchandise, including but not limited to watches and/or jewelry sent in for repairs, that go “unclaimed” or have “open invoices” left unpaid after 6 months (180 days) are deemed “Abandoned Property” and may be liquidated to recover the expenses of said repairs and/or storage fees.

Watch Service Warranty

We offer upto a FULL 3-YEAR SERVICE WARRANTY (based on the age of the watch – explained below) on the service work we perform. However, this warranty has limitations. It does not cover carelessness, misuse or abuse. The crystal and bracelet are not covered. VINTAGE* movement parts are not covered, as these parts can begin to fail over time due to age, and regardless of any overhauls or cleaning that is performed. Furthermore, the warranty becomes void if the watch is modified, altered, serviced or opened by ANYONE other than our technicians.

3 Year Warranty: All watches manufactured after 2010, (i.e. with a “Random” Serial Number).

2 Year Warranty: Watches (with a sapphire crystal), manufactured between the mid 1980s (i.e. around an 8 million Serial Number) and the year 2010 (“G” Serial Number).

1 Year Warranty: Watches (with a plastic crystal), manufactured between 1965 (i.e. a 1 million Serial Number) and the mid 1980s (i.e. around an 8 million Serial Number).

6 Month Warranty: All watches manufactured before 1965 (i.e. a 1 million Serial Number) or older.

All non-Rolex watches will be warrantied for 1 year if they feature a sapphire crystal and 6 months if they feature a plastic crystal.

Water Resistance Warranty: While we replace gaskets and seals and pressure test all watches, we cannot guarantee ANY watch against water damage. For any Rolex to be water-resistant, the crown MUST be screwed down before submerging the watch in water. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the water resistance of ANY watch that features an aftermarket bezel. Aftermarket “conversion crystal” (i.e. plastic to sapphire) are not made by Rolex and are often not water-resistant. We don’t sell them, nor do we install them or guarantee them. And lastly, unlike MODERN watches, VINTAGE* timepieces, due to their age, may not be “capable” of maintaining water resistance, due to the age of the parts and/or corrosion of metal. Thus, you should never submerge them, as we will not guarantee them.

Accuracy Warranty: All watches are regulated (accuracy tested) in 5 positions to ensure proper accuracy. However, depending of the age of the watch, the movement may not be “capable” of maintaining accuracy levels to that of a new watch. While a NEW watch may be accurate to within 3 seconds per day, a VINTAGE* timepiece may be no better than 1-3 minutes per day, or more. Even when you buy a NEW Rolex from an authorized dealer the accuracy is never “guaranteed”. The COSC certification merely states that AT THE TIME OF TESTING the accuracy of the movement was capable of passing COSC standards. Once the watch is sold there is NEVER a “guarantee” as to the accuracy any watch can maintain.

In the event that your timepiece needs additional repair within the aforementioned warranty periods, please notify us immediately so it may be promptly resolved. Please Note: The owner is responsible for any and all shipping costs for the return of the watch for repair (or if you are in the Tampa Bay area, you can simply return the watch to us in person.) If the watch is repaired under warranty we will cover the shipping costs involved in returning the watch to you after service. However, if the watch is out of warranty (or the watch has suffered damge not covered under warranty) you MAY be responsible for the return shipping charges, as well.

If you have problems with your watch and you are OUTSIDE the aforementioned warranty periods, please notify us and we will see what we can do. We cannot make any promises, but we will be happy to try and help.

* For purposes of this warranty a “vintage” watch is considered to be any watch that was manufactured using a plastic crystal — regardless of whether or not the watch had a “conversion” sapphire crystal installed. Plastic crystals were used on Rolex watches featuring a “date” until (around) 1987, and on “non-date” models until (around) 1991.

Vintage Watch Warranty

We offer

Modern Watch Warranty

We offer

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