Rolex Small Green Wave Style Box Set (first series)


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Small Wave Style Box Set issued with New Rolex Watches from 2005 through 2015. The "Wave" Box set was introduced in 2005 and continued through 2015. Inner Box features an embossed "wave" design in the top of the lid, with a gold color Rolex Coronet logo. Box set includes both inner and outer boxes. Inner box features a removeable watch cushion and an opening inside the lid to store paperwork and small items. This is a Genuine Rolex Accessory. Condition is PREOWNED.

(These Box sets come in 3 different sizes. There are different opinions as to which box set goes with which watch. Some say Small Boxes go with Ladies, while Medium go with Mens 36mm and Large go with the larger Sport Models. Others says, Small goes with Steel, Medium with 2 Tone and Large go with Solid Gold watches. The truth is there is no correct answer. It is up to the individual stores as to which box goes with which watch, so pretty much any watch could go with any box.)

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