1848 Baccarat Crystal “Church Weight” Millefiori Glass Paperweight


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Exquisite French Glass Millefiori Paperweight "Church Weight" made by Baccarat in 1848.

According to Christies, "Millefiori or 'Thousand Flowers' canes are produced by layering molten glass into a pattern in a fat cylindrical shape, then pulling the cylinder to create an elongated pencil thin rod. When the rod is sliced, the pattern can be seen in the cross section. Millefiori weights consist of many patterned canes, either packed closely together or in various other arrangements."

The highest quality Millefioris were made by the famed French glass maker Baccarat. The Baccarat makers mark/date cane "B 1848" can be seen in the cane patterns. 1848 is quite significant as it represents the start of the French Revolution.

Also called "Church Weights" after a Baccarat weight was found in the cornerstone of the church in Baccarat, France, which had been bombed during WW II.

CONDITION: In excellent overall condition with only a couple small scratches. Otherwise an outstanding specimen.

Approx Weight: 484.3 Grams

Approx Dimensions: 3 1/4" x 1 3/8"

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