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QualityTyme Rare & Fine Timepieces specializes in exceptional modern and vintage wristwatches. We offer a unique selection of watch accessories,
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QualityTyme.net is PROUDLY independent and NOT AFFILIATED WITH ROLEX USA.

The following is just a short list of watches we currently have offered for sale. However, the vast majority of our watches are sold before they ever make it to our website. Likewise, many of our customers routinely have us locate particular watches for them.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please email of call our showroom at 727.894.8963 or toll free at 1.866.997.6539.

We would also invite you to follow our Instagram Page "therolexreport", as we often post pics of new incoming inventory before they ever make it to our website for sale.

We have access to literally DOZENS of watch lines, including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Breitling, Cartier and Panerai, among others... We deal in both older vintage models, as well as "like new" and "unworn" modern watches.

Wakmann Diving Watch

1960s, 38mm SS case, Black Gloss 2-4-6-8-10-12 Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, On NATO Strap.

Very Cool Early Diving Watch!

Stk# 2356


Omega Seamaster 105.001

1964, 35mm SS case, Silver 3-Reg Dial, Manual 321 Mvmnt,
Omega 1037 Bracelet.

Box & Papers (dated 12-29-64).

Stk# 2341


Rolex Oysterdate 6694

1985, 34mm SS case, Silver Stick Dial, Smooth Bezel, Manual Mvmt, Fold Clasp Oyster Bracelet.

A classic understated steel Rolex!

Stk# 2318


Rolex Oysterdate 6694

1968, 34mm SS case, Tropical Arrowhead Dial, Manual Mvmnt, Distressed Leather Strap.

Great Tropical Chocolate Dial!

Stk# 2206


Rolex Oysterdate 6494

1950s, 34mm YGF case, Cream Arrowhead Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, Premium Lizard Strap.

A very distinguished look!

Stk# 2170


Omega Constellation 2852-6SC

1958, 34mm SS case, Tropical Silver Piepan Dial, Autol Mvmnt, period Hadley Mesh Bracelet.

With Box & Papers (dated 3-2-58)

Stk# 2309


Rolex James Bond Sub 6204

1953, 38mm SS Case, Tropical Gilt Gloss Dial, Early Bezel Insert, Auto Mvmnt, Rolex Srvs Papers.

Military Provenance!

Stk# 2307

$ Call for Price

Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

1887, 49mm YG case, White Porcelain Dial, Manual Wind 19"' Lever Mvmnt, Wolfs Tooth Gears.

With Patek Archive Papers!

Stk# 2176


Breitling Chronomat 769

1946, 36mm PG Case, Tropical Silver Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, Aviator Leather Strap.

A very cool WWII era Chrono!

Stk# 2234


Rolex Oysterdate 1002

1959, 34mm SS Case, Silver Arrowhead Dial, Auto Mvmnt, original Oyster Bracelet.

COSC, Guarantee, Srvs papers!

Stk# 2310


Bulova President

1955, 35mmx25mm YGF Case, Silver Arabic Dial, Manual Mvmnt, Bretton Stretch Bracelet.

With original "President" Box!

Stk# 2312


Omega Automatic 2897SC12

1958, 34mm Unpolished YG Case, Silver Stick Dial, Auto Mvmnt, Premium Lizard Strap.

With vintage Omega Coffin Box

Stk# 2313


Cartier Tank Francaise 2300

2001, 20x24mm SS case, Off-white Roman Dial, Quartz Mvmnt, Cartier Croc Strap & Buckle.

A Classic Cartier, ready to wear!

Stk# 2174


Cartier Divan Tank 2612

2000, 38x30mm SS case, Silver Guilloche Dial, Auto Mvmt, Cartier Croc Strap & Buckle.

A great size for Men or Women!

Stk# 2183


Rolex Datejust 16233

2002, 36mm SS/YG case, Rhodium Roman Dial, Auto Mvmt, Tight Rolex Oyster Bracelet.

Classic Look in Pristine Condition!

Stk# 2223


Rolex Datejust 1625

1970, 36mm SS/YG case, Custom Diamond Dial & Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Strap or Bracelet.

A very striking classic look!

Stk# 2231

$3795 Strap / $4495 Bracelet

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 14233M

2003, 34mm SS/YG case, Champagne Dial, Auto Mvmnt,
tight Rolex Oyster Bracelet.

Size suitable for man or woman!

Stk# 2257


Rolex Date 15210

2003, 34mm SS case, Silver Stk Dial, SS Smooth Bezel, Auto Mvmt, tight Rolex Oyster Bracelet.

Midsized for man or woman!

Stk# 2320


Rolex Bark Day-Date 1803/8

1968, 36mm 18KYG case, Wideboy Dial, Bark Bezel, Auto Mvmt, Bark President Bracelet.

Box & Papers! Complete Set!

Stk# 2350

$ Call for Price

Omega Seamaster Pro 300M

2000, 41mm SS case, Dark Blue Wave Dial, Auto Mvmnt, Omega 1503/825 Deploy Bracelet.

The "James Bond", Ref:168.1623

Stk# 2182


Rolex Datejust 1601

1972, 36mm SS case, Silver Piepan Dial, SS Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Tight Jubilee Bracelet.

Non-Lume Dial & Hands combo!

Stk# 2352


Rolex Datejust 16014

1982, 36mm SS case, Naturally Faded Blue Spotted Dial, WG Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Suede Strap.

One-of-a-kind natural Tropical Dial

Stk# 2340


Rolex Zephyr 6582

1959, 36mm YG case, Cream "Crosshairs" Dial, Auto Mvmnt, Premium Leather Strap.

Cool vintage dial & hands combo!

Stk# 2325


Rouan Sport Chrono Lap Timer

1950s, 36mm YGF case, Black Arabic Dial w/ Spiral Lap Timer, Manual Mvmnt, Leather Strap.

A lot of character for not a lot of $!

Stk# 2304


Rolex Date 1500

1969, 34mm SS case, Black Stick Dial, Smooth Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Tight Jubilee Bracelet.

Great Vintage Piece!

Stk# 2319


Tudor Oyster Prince 7909

1957, 34mm SS case, Tropical Yellow Dial, Smooth Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Premium Leather Strap.

Great Matching Patina!

Stk# 2241


Hamilton DiverChrono 647001-3

1970s, 38mm SS case, Grey Dial, Diving Bezel, Manual Valjoux Mvmnt, Period Bracelet.

Cool '70s Dive Watch!

Stk# 2139


Seiko World Time 6117-6409

1970s, 41mm SS case, Blk/Orange Dial, GMT Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Seiko Bracelet.

Cool '70s Retro Look!

Stk# 2230


Russian Flieger-Style Jumbo

1990s, 45mm SS case, Black Arabic "Broadarrow" Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, Leather Strap.

Cool JUMBO Military Look!

Stk# 2355


Vacheron Constantin 6113

1956, 36mm YG Case, Silver Guilloche Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, Premium Leather Strap.

Archive Papers, Rare Coffin Box!

Stk# 2247


Tudor "Rose" Oyster 4453

1940s, 31mm SS case, Early Cream "Small Rose" Dial, Manual Wind Mvmnt, On Leather Strap.

Nice early "small rose" logo dial!

Stk# 2026


Tudor Oyster "Gammeter"

1930s, 30mm SS case, Early "Pre Rose" Dial, Manual "Extra Prima" Mvmnt, Canvas Strap.

A VERY early & rare Tudor!

Stk# 2317


Tudor Princess O-date 92414

1972, 25mm SS case, Silver Stick Dial, WG Fluted Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Tight Jubilee Bracelet.

Looks brand new! 30 years later!

Stk# 2187


Rolex Datejust 79174

2002, 26mm SS case, Blue Roman Dial, WG Fluted Bezel, Auto Mvmt, Jubilee Bracelet.

Gorgeous Dial & Bezel Combo!

Stk# 2191


Rolex Datejust 69160

1987, 26mm SS case, Pink Salmon Dial, Smooth Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Jubilee Bracelet.

Gorgeous Pink Dial! She'll love it!

Stk# 2287


Rolex Datejust 69173

1990, 26mm 2Tone case, Factory Diamond Dial, Fluted Bezel, Auto Mvmt, Jubilee Bracelet.

Factory Diamond Dial is stunning!

Stk# 2290


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 76080

2003, 25mm SS case, Dark Blue 3-6-9 Dial, Smooth Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, tight Jubilee Bracelet.

The Dial just POPS!!

Stk# 2300


Rolex Datejust 69173

1990, 26mm SS/YG case, Black Stick Dial, YG Fluted Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, tight Jubilee Bracelet.

Very Classic Look Ready to wear!

Stk# 2311


G. Stockwell Trench Watch

1915, 27mm 9KPG case, White Porcelain Roman Dial, Manual Mvmt, Integrated Stretch Bracelet.

100 years old & looks great!

Stk# 2261


Omega Seamaster 120 566.023

1972, 31mm SS case, Black Dial, Diving Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, "Tropic" Rubber Strap.

Cool midsized Diving Watch!

Stk# 2289


Rolex Lady Datejust 6516

1968, 26mm SS case, Custom Pink MOP Diamond Dial & Bezel, Auto Mvmnt, Strap or Bracelet.

Beautiful Diamond Dial & Bezel!

Stk# 2353


Please Note: We DO NOT deal in ANY counterfeit, knock-off, fake, or replica watches. EVERY watch we sell is thoroughly inspected, authenticated and serviced (if needed) by our staff of trained technicians. And is GUARANTEED to be 100% genuine and authentic.

Please Note: The installation of custom accessories will void the original Rolex warranty, and may preclude the watch from factory service.

Don't risk buying from an UNKNOWN SOURCE!

We are members of the NAWCC, AWCI, IWJG, NPA, WWT, BHI & IWCS.
We are very well known in the watch community and you are welcome to check our references.

When it comes to Rolex watches, we wrote the book on it -- Literally!! Click here for more info...

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