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Since 1999, The Rolex Report has had OVER 15,000++
satisfied customers. (In over 35 countries worldwide.)

The following is just a brief sample of the Professional Reviews,
Watch Forum Reviews, Unsolicited Testimonials, and eBay Feedback from
customers whom have purchased The Rolex Report.

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Professional Reviews...

"... What John Brozek has accomplished here is a substantial
and well put together compilation of materials that collectors
and students of Rolex alike will surely use on a daily basis."

--Jeffrey P. Hess, co-author of
The Best of Time, Rolex Wristwatches
(Quoted from the Foreword to
The Rolex Report - 4th Edition)

"...I wish this book had been around when I first became interested in
Rolex watches. This is a superb publication and should be the first Rolex book
you should buy. It is professionaly printed on high quality paper... There are many
good features about this 4th Edition, the best being a comprehensive guide to fake
and counterfeit Rolex watches and what to look for in a genuine Rolex watch..."

--Edward Heliosz
(Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Library)

"For those watch collectors and enthusiasts, John Brozek's new 'Companion Pocket Guide'
is an absolute must have for quick reference in an easy to carry booklet. It takes a lot of
the mystery and confusion, or lack of information, out of Rolex, and answers a need that
has been long awaited. John Brozek has created a tool that is worth its weight in gold..."

Chronos Magazine.
--Bertram Kalisher
Editor, Chronos Magazine
Director, the American Watch Guild.

"You can tell a real Rolex from a counterfeit one, right? It's that
tell-tale ticking vs. Rolex's usual smooth-flow movement, right?
Don't be so sure. Rolex expert Brozek fills us in on counter-counterfeit
intelligence and other educational elements of the Rolex Watch Co..."

Tampa Bay Illustrated Magazine.
--Quoted from Tampa Bay Illustrated Magazine
The Write Stuff, January, 2003.

"I just can't say enough good things about this book. You will pull it from your bookshelf
again and again... Before this latest edition of this book, it was generally agreed
that the “Knights of the Round Table” on Rolex consisted of Roy Ehrhardt,
James Dowling, Jeffrey Hess, Tom Engle, the Demesy Brothers (Joe and Rory),
Burley Bullock, and Ken Specht, and maybe a few others that I may be forgetting
(Forgive me; you know who you are). If you had a question on Rolex and couldn’t
get the answer from one of these guys (or their books) you weren’t going to get it.
Well, folks, you had better move the chairs a little closer together around the table
and make room. There’s a new “Knight” in town, and his name is John Brozek."

This review was originally printed in the October, 2003, issue of the
NAWCC Bulletin, and reprinted in the December, 2003,
issue of International Wristwatch Magazine.

To read the complete review click the links below:

NAWCC "Text" Version | IW Scanned Page 1 | IW Scanned Page 2

(If the scanned pages do not open to "full size" click the small
"arrow" box at the bottom right corner of the images.)

NAWCC Bulletin.

International Wristwatch Magazine.
--Bruce Shawkey
Quoted from International Wristwatch Magazine
December, 2003

"The Rolex Report is clearly written and provides much useful information for anyone
who wishes to own, collect, or service this much sought after watch brand.
The Rolex Report is highly recommended."

This review was printed in the May, 2005, issue of the
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute's Horological Times Magazine.

To read the complete review click the links below:

HT Scanned Page 1 | HT Scanned Page 2

(If the scanned pages do not open to "full size" click the small
"arrow" box at the bottom right corner of the images.)

Horological Times Magazine.
--Robert D. Porter, CDW
Quoted from Horological Times Magazine
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
May, 2005

"This book succeeds through the wealth of information important to anyone
interested in Rolex watches, particularly those wishing to buy a second hand watch...
Collectors and others interested in the most famous watch brand in the world will find
this book most useful and its study could save many mistakes for anyone considering
the purchase of a Rolex watch."

This review was printed in the May, 2003, issue of the
British Horological Institute's Horological Journal Magazine.

To read the complete review click the links below:

HJ Scanned Page

(If the scanned pages do not open to "full size" click the small
"arrow" box at the bottom right corner of the images.)

Horological Journal Magazine.
--Jim Arnfield
Quoted from Horological Journal Magazine
British Horological Institute
May, 2003

"A Rolex reference for $39.99? Sounds too good to be true.
The Rolex Report by John E. Brozek is a well illustrated...
300-page book offering much information, even some pricing data, for just that price...
He has also written a useful section about detecting counterfeit Rolex watches...
The book goes on to cover the special problems of identifying cases; bracelets;
crowns and tubes; and standard, optional and aftermarket dials and bezels for
modern Rolex watches... All in all, well worth $40!"

InSync Magazine.
--L. Michael Fultz
Quoted from InSync Magazine
Sept/Oct, 2003

"If universities taught Rolex 101, John E. Brozek would be the professor.
The watch collector wrote the comprehensive tome The Rolex Report...
which covers the history and mechanics of the legendary brand -- including
how to tell a real one from a fake."

Article "The Cult of Rolex"

(If the scanned page does not open to "full size" click the small
"arrow" box at the bottom right corner of the image.)

Vitals Man Magazine.
--Mark Glassman
Quoted from Vitals Man Magazine
The Cult of Rolex, Summer, 2005

Watch Forum Reviews...

"John Brozek of InfoQuest Publishing is AWESOME...
Just received my "Rolex Report" from Florida to China in ONE WEEK,
in A-1 condition. The packaging was superb and the stuff inside...
just a cornucopia of Rolex info for the Rolex fetishist. If you have the
slightest interest in watches or this brand, get this book!"

--Quoted from the Watchnet "Good Guys" Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-09-03

"...while I haven't even come close to finishing it, I have to say that it's probably
the best book I have ever read about Rolex watches... I still can't believe the
of information crammed into this book... I would definitely display it on
my desk
(which is exactly where it shall reside when I finish reading it)... Not
only would I
recommend the book to others, but I would consider it REQUIRED
for the true Rolex collector!"

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Dec-05-02

"...I really want to praise the Rolex Report book by John Brozek.
Terrific material for everyone who is looking for Rolexes (collecting/business etc)."

--Quoted from the WatchUSeek Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-28-03

"Today I received The Rolex Report and I am impressed!!
Thanks so much, this is quite a source... Allow me to recommended
it to you Rolex enthusiasts! IMHO this is a must have!!"

--Ernie Romers, Director of WatchUSeek.com

"This book is a major helpfull reference for around $39.95.
There is alot of information for such a low price book...
for straight reference, this 40 dollar jobber cant be beat."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Dec-14-02

"I got my book a few weeks back and Kudos for a book well done."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-13-03

"...a real informative book. Certainly worth every penny."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-22-03

"I purchased both books on Ebay this last year. The Rolex Report is the
nicer of the two, with many pictures, perfect bound on nice slick paper.
[competitor's book title omitted out of professional courtesy] ...is bound in a
plastic report-type folder on regular paper, and has mostly techinical information."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-03-03

"It [The Rolex Report] has been my bedtime reading, when I need to clear
my mind and read about something that is non-work related. Congratulations
on a very well done piece of research!"

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-13-03

"John- I got your "Rolex Report" for myself as a xmas present to me- it is
awesome! I showed it to my authorized dealer today and he was blown away by it-
he's reading it as we speak. I'm trying to get him to buy a few copies to have
in his shop for people to peruse, staff to learn more, etc..."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Jan-19-04

"..."The Rolex Report" is a must have... I have just finished going through both
[book & pocket guide] and it's apparent that for those who are going to go through
e-bay, the gray market, or even private second-hand transactions this book is a vital
necessity. It is well illustrated, clearly explained and the resources it contains will help
you to avoid costly mistakes when making future purchases. It also provides a well
written history of the company and its' flagship timepieces. I know that I will be referring
to them in the future as I make further acquisitions. The cost will definitely be recouped
the first time I avoid making a bad purchase."

--Quoted from the TimeZone Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Mar-05-04

"My copy of the "Rolex Report" arrived just before I left on my trip. I was able to read
most of the way through it by the time I got back last night. What a GREAT resource.
If you don't have a copy I would highly suggest that you purchase one today."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Jun-20-04

"One of those books that's just hard to put down once you start reading it.."

--Quoted from The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Member Review Posted Jun-20-04

"...The best way to protect yourself from buying a fake Rolex is to arm yourself
with tons of pictures and details on the REAL Rolex models. One of the best
sources of information I've found for doing this is "The Rolex Report" by John Brozak [sic].
I buy/sell hundreds of Rolexes each year and I couldn't live without this book. Tons of
pictures of Rolex models from every angle and a huge section on common fakes and their flaws.

--Quoted from Google Answers Forum
Member Review Posted May-07-05

Unsolicited Testimonials...

"The book is just fascinating. I don't even consider myself a "Rolex enthusiast".
I'm just a regular guy with some extra money who was thinking about buying a Rolex.
My wife thinks I'm crazy and that I need to find a cheaper hobby. I'm fascinated by the
information about the brand, the counterfeits and the pricing info. I thank you very much
for assembling the info and for making it available to us."

--Eric Dobard, Covington, Louisiana

"I know you also probibly hear this alot but, thanks for The Rolex Report. This book has made it easy
as pie to spot a fake. Also making me love my authentic Submariner even more. Page after page
of all the info any rolex buff will need and read over and over(as will I). Thanks again"


"I have just purchased the Rolex Report and I must say that it is the best Rolex book I have seen.
I must say that Rolex and how secretive they are makes it difficult for someone to really appreciate their watches.
Your book has helped me understand the history and the technical background of this great."

--Antonio Salles, Mexico

"Your site and organization is very impressive. Glad I put "Rolex" in Google this morning...
Thanks for your effort to protect the Rolex integrity against the dishonest people who make the fake watches

--Boyd Gilbert, Ferndale, Washington

"I bought several copies of your "Rolex Report" book ... one for each of my stores.
I gave it a quick through and now I'm going through it ..taking my time as to absorb.
This is a GREAT help to us as we don't get a lot of Rolex's ( maybe 10-12 a year ) between our 2 stores.
But its like any good reference book ... it only takes finding a phony or genuine to more then pay for itself.
Kinda like a radar detector ... it only has to go off one time to pay for itself.
Anyhow... I love your book and it is now a must read for all employees."


"Although I've never purchased a book about Rolex watches and do not
plan to, my credit card number, name and address were used fraudulantly
to purchase a book. This company, noting something suspicious about the
transaction, called my bank and checked before completeing the transaction.
Thank you so much for your honesty and concern. I was able to cancel
my credit card and save myself financial heartache. Thank you again."

--Tammy Beckley

"This is the BEST Rolex book I have ever read, and would consider it
REQUIRED READING for anyone who is even considering buying a Rolex...
I own a small jewelry store, where I have been buying and selling pre-owned
Rolex watches for over 20 years... I have acquired dozens of Rolex books
(many of which were priced upwards of $100-$200), and I considered myself to
be fairly educated on Rolex, both the company and their watches. However,
after reading this book, I realized that I was but an amateur compared to
Mr. Brozek. His passion for Rolex is very evident when reading this book, and the
amount of research involved in this publication is staggering... I have recommended
it to all of my customers, and I have even purchased numerous copies to be given
as gifts for all of my employees, and friends. I just can't say enough about this
book... whether you're a serious collector, or just considering buying a Rolex
in the future, you would be a FOOL for not buying this book."

--Quoted from Epinions.com
Customer Review Posted Apr-12-03

"John Brozek's book, now in its fourth edition, is THE must have Rolex book.
his book covers nearly every conceivable subject of interest to a Rolex nut
from the beginnings of metered time up to the latest models...
On the whole, I would say that this book is definitely targeted towards the consumer-
level collector, rather than the professional watchmaker or jewler [sic]. That, in part,
is its charm: It's written for you and me, not for some watch egghead who hasn't
left his bench in two years. So, it is friendly and well written. The information included
is vital to the understanding and appreciation of Rolex as both a company and a product.
I would reccomend this book to anyone even vaguely interested in Rolex watches,
whether or not you own one.

--Quoted from Epinions.com
Customer Review Posted Aug-04-03

"I received my copy of The Rolex Report yesterday... First, let me complement
you on a superb job... I have been using... [competitor's book title omitted
out of professional courtesy] ...for the past three years but your book puts
his to shame. I run a small watch dealership... and now have a permanent
reference guide that I will depend on. The layout, photos and binding are
excellent. I would like to buy one or two to keep in the shop. I'm sure everyone
who sees it will want one. (I have a brother-in-law who photocopies everything
he can find about Rolex. He will surely be delighted to have your book to put
an end to his research). Anyway, I'm sure you have heard all of this before.
Great work and thanks again!"

--J. Beal, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I am a designer in the print business... so I know how much
work went into this project... Lots of hi quality photos in here
on glossy stock, not the lo-res pixelated jpgs on common
20 lb. bond I figured I would get. Thanks!"

--C. O., Port Townsend, Washington

"Received your book and it's awesome! As an owner of...
[4 Rolex book titles omitted out of professional courtesy]
...yours I can tell will be most helpful."

--K.S., Spring, Texas

"I have been into Rolex watches for over 6 years. I have had 12 in all...
Let me say, I thought I knew all about Rolex watches, I was wrong.
Your Rolex Report is great! Very informative."

--D. Ormsby, Grand Prarie, Texas

"...what you detail about fake/copy Rolexes is freightening...
I have copies of... [2 Rolex book titles omitted out of professional
courtesy] ...and for me yours has to be the BEST."

--A.S., Grimsby, United Kingdom

"I got your book recently and read it cover to cover.
I will refer to it often and really enjoyed the pix."

--B. Enneking, Knoxville, Tennessee

"I have dealt in Rolex watches for over 20-years, and found this
book to be highly detailed and informative. I would recommend it to
anyone who is even considering buying a Rolex."

--D.J., San Siego, California

"Great job on your book...informative and well written...
i couldn't put it down...i have been collecting, buying and selling
Rolex for 25 years and i can say without a doubt that you have
done an excellent job researching and communicating
your knowledge. Thank You."

--M. Alford, Brighton, Massachusetts

"At work today I read some of your book, and I said to my self
'fantastic book'. I bought the other book
[competitors book title
omitted out of professional courtesy] to see witch one I would like better.
Your book is so much better ( NO COMPARISON ) your competitors
book is cheep and hand made. It's Bad... You should be very proud of
this book. Your book is very Professionally made. Thank you very much."

--S. O'Connell, Houston, Texas

"Very nice book.A lot better than... [competitor's book
title omitted out of professional courtesy]."

--P. Rodriguez, Pasadena, Texas

"I've read through your book and I just want to say thanks. The book is
great. I've learned a lot about Rolex watches and thanks to you I don't
think I'll get screwed when I purchase a used GMT in the future."

--K. Owen, New Albany, Mississippi

"It [The Rolex Report] came the other day, and it is just great!! It is nice
to know that someone else has that same drive about Rolex watches
as I do...
you sure did your research. Great job... Rolex should authorize it."

--D. Fair, York, Pennsylvania

"I recieved my ROLEX report intact, this would have to be one of
the most informative books that i have ever read. Thank you very much!
Now I wont get E-screwed again !"

--D. White, Sydney, Australia

"I just wanted to let you know how great we think your book is. It was the
most popular Christmas present among our family on Christmas day
passed around and read by all. This is such an interesting book.
We have really enjoyed it."

--L. Grimm, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Today I have received your book - The Rolex Report... It has arrived in
incredible short time, and in very good condition... It is very interesting reading
for everyone interested in Rolex watches. It helps me to decide to buy that
brand. Today I haven't done anything but reading that book.
My congratulations to the magnificent work. Well done, John."

--Z. Prosek, Praha, Czech Republic

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your effort in regards to
the ROLEX REPORT. I purchased it from you last June and I refer to it
at least once a week. I often quote it in response to questions here at
the Rolex Forum. It has become an invaluable tool for me in my own evaluation
of Rolex as well. Thanks again for providing such an indespensible tool."

--J. Andersen, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Just a note to let you know that my book came today... can't put it down.
It is wonderful. For an ol'Okie boy, you've done a lot of research and made
a lasting contribution to the literature. You were very kind to autograph
it for me... it will be a part of my personal library for years to come."

--J. Hannah, Norman, Oklahoma

"Mr. Brozek, thank you, for the great help your Rolex book has been for me.
I just bought an Explorer II and was able to verify its authenticity with the
help of you excellent work... Your book is head and shoulders above those
others out there. It has become my "Vade Mecum"... Thank you."

--G. Anderson, Houston, Texas

"Your rolex book is the best watch book I ever read. I owned 1/2 of a small
pawn shop, and sold vintage and estate watched for years. You let out all
the closely held secrets in this book. These are the things I had to call the
big dealers to ask. I have paid up to $150 for rolex books and have
ALWAYS been disappointed until now." I have bought MANY watch
and clock books over the years."

--D. King, Valrico, Florida

"I recently purchased The Rolex Report. I thought you would like to know
that you saved me $3,000 last week. I had purchased a Rolex Yachtmaster on
Ebay(stupid me) and, when it arrived, compared it to your documented
findings. The watch inner and outer boxes and pillow were fake. Thanks for
the great pictures in your book, which documented that they were
counterfeit... I wanted a watch such as this to pass-on to my son when
I am no longer on
this earth. Thanks for your book. It stopped my son
from inheriting a
piece of junk."

--Scott Hayward

"John, Received the Rolex Report yesterday and couldn't put it down.
The information contained in the Rolex Report would have been extremely helpful
several months ago before I was taken for a ride by a seller, but now I know."

--Robert Otto


--Randy Bradford

"I got your book today and I love it. It is exactly the kind of info I have
been looking for. I recently got screwed on a 1655.....fortunately I got most
of my money refunded and bought another one from the original owner with
papers and receipts. I have since been obsessed with info on fake and
converted "franken watches". Your book has the best info I have seen yet."

--Aaron Hatz
Flat Six Inc.

"I received my copy of The Rolex Report today and have been unable to
put it down. It is a superlative piece of work and provides a wealth of information.
The in-depth section on authentication is worth the price of admission alone.
The book is of very high-quality and is a welcome addition to my
horological library. Many thanks for such a wonderful tome."

--Randy L. Braun

"Rolex Report WORTH EVERY DIME!!!!
Just a note to let you know your book arrived safe and sound two
days ago. I've read it from cover to cover and it's THE best book of
it's kind I have ever read,super job!!!..."


"I just want to let you know that from all the books I bought on Rolex (about
ten) your book is the only book I take of the shelf to read, 5 times per day.
Your book is indeed DAMN good."

--Henrik P.

"What a nice and interesting book! Exactly what I was looking for. I allready
got several Rolex books including the...
[book title omitted out of professional courtesy]
But none of them gave me the information I was looking for. Good work!!!!!"

--Thomas Schumacher

"Just wanted to say that I received your publication The Rolex Report
last week, and I've read it from front to back and from back to front once more...
what a fantastic reference guide. I really enjoyed it. What stood out was your love
of Rolex, and I always hold people in great esteem who have a genuine love of a
pastime or a particular hobby. Thanks for taking the time time to sign my copy."


"I just received your fine book and am amazed with the plethora of detail...
I purchased your Rolex report last week, prior to purchasing a 1986 stainless
submariner, mvt 3035. Case 16800, Serial #:9xxxxxx I took your book to the
dealer, who was impressed and very knowledgeable of your work. I negotiated
what I believed to be a good price... Your book made me feel like an expert.
I thank you so much for your dedicated work."

--David Andrew Whipple

"I have read your book and it is awesome best read I have had in awhile."

--Daniel Paul

"Just received "The Rolex Report", Companion Guide, and tool kit. After
just a cursory glance I can see what an invaluable reference this will be for us!"

--Linda & Carl

"Just to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I really learned so
many things and I know its going to be an excellent reference source in the future."

--Dr. C. F. Posen

"Permit me to add my voice to the chorus of praise for your book, The Rolex
Report (Revised and Expanded 4th Edition). Recently, I purchased a new
Rolex "Submariner" (Model 16610) from an authorized Rolex dealer in my area,
and your book played no small part in my preparation for that important purchase.
Thank you! The entire experience was made all the more pleasurable by having
been well-informed through the courtesy of your magnificent effort..."

--Peter N. Knost
Tavares, Florida

"Hi John , just a brief personal note to say a huge thank you for my recently
received Rolex Report. I am absolutely delighted! It is just the most wonderful book
and I have read it from cover to cover already!"

--Paul King, Australia

"John, When I started the year I was firmly convinced I was going to buy an imitation Rolex.
My reasoning was based on Rolex's high cost and I just couldn't see what the value was in
relation to that high price tag... I figured that's what I would do: locate a good fake and buy it.
I found your book in my search on what would distinguish a genuine Rolex from a fake so
I could be a good shopper. After having read the book, I was struck by the qualities of the watch,
and what must be a horrendous struggle on Rolex's part for its place in this world of fakes.
I'm not sure just what one aspect of your book made the difference, but somewhere in reading
your book it became clear to me that there was genuine value in a genuine Rolex...
My new, genuine, Rolex Submariner with the Blue Face and bezel... is more than a watch to me now.
It's art on my forearm. It is way more than a watch. And it's the real deal.
When I depart this world, and I pass on my stuff to my sons, they won't be getting fake Rolex's...
Thanks for writing the book and you've help make a convert... There must be a whole lotta people
who agree with you, and now me, about the value of the real Rolex...
Good luck and thanks."

--Terry W.
Glendale, Arizona

"I just received your excellent book last night and am just waking up at 1:30 pm
because I was reading it throughout the night..."

--Michael Greenberg

"First of all, let me thank you for your help and time this afternoon in advising me
how to get the Bracelet back on to my GMT Master II after disassembly.
It took a bit of time, but I was ultimately successful.
I would also like to compliment you on your book, "The Rolex Report". It is, without question,
a must have for anyone who is contemplating purchasing a Rolex, or for someone like me
who wanted to know as much as I could about the watch I already owned.
I can only imagine the painstaking research it must have entailed to bring all the facts
to light in your book. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and I am certain some of my
friends and colleagues will be ordering their own copies soon.
You run a first rate organization. From the quality of the tools, to the packing of the parcel,
everything is done with thought and care. The fact that you assisted me this afternoon
only further amplifies that you are a classy guy; and I thank you."

--Dr. Miles J. Rosenthal

"Just a quick note to say hello and say I am looking very much forward
to receiving my copy of your book "The Rolex Report"... I was going to buy it from
Amazon here in Canada, but they were sold out... A Google search took me to you
EXCELLENT site and the ability to order it direct from you was incredible with the transaction
taking only seconds! (I was also thrilled to learn I would also get the price list and the
"Pocket Companion" included! It was after I placed my order that I realized I was
dealing directly with the author and I spend considerable time looking at all the areas of your site.
Glad to have come across InfoQuest and as a Rolex owner I am happy in the knowledge
I will soon have a copy of what fellow Rolex enthusiasts call "The Bible"

--Wayne Yaskew
Winnipeg, Canada

"I have to say that I was very sceptical about your book due to the number
of poor PDF files that people are selling... I have Hess' book (And most else written
on the topic) and am an avid collector of high end watches. I have been watching
with interest the so called 'Swiss' replica market... I collect vintage Rolex and
have seen many people caught out with after market alterations.
I have to say that I am stunned by your work in collating this book and cannot praise it enough...
Just to say thanks for your undoubted hard work in launching this product yourself
and keep up the momentum

--Benedict Wormald

eBay Feedback...


--eBay feedback Apr-16-03

"WOW, what a book, simply the best Rolex book around"

--eBay feedback Apr-03-03

"Book is better than advertised!
I purchased other books on E Bay-no comparison"

--eBay feedback Nov-09-02

"This book is outstanding.
The Author is a scholar and a perfect e-bayer!"

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EILUX Watch Winder Testimonials...

"Quality watch winder worthy of holding a Rolex, good seller, thanks."

--eBay feedback Apr-26-06

"perfect working order; brand new as advertised. highly recommended ebayer"

--eBay feedback Jan-29-06

"I just got my winder and it looks GREAT!! Very high quality and a great price. Thanks."

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"I purchased one of your Eilux watch winders for my husband,
as a Christmas gift. It looks beautiful and he just loves it..."

--A. Baker, Las Vegas, Nevada

Photo Light Pro Testimonials...

"Great product, worked very hard to make sure I was satisfied with the product A+"

--eBay feedback Jan-28-05

"A+ Beautiful, just as described, very pleased. This light WORKS GREAT!"

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It used to take me hours to shoot pics for my eBay listings, but you have streamlined
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--M. Alexander, Omaha, Nebraska

"I purchased your Photo Light Pro last month and I can't believe how
easy it is to use. I sell watches on eBay, as well as on my website and your light box
has made my life a lot easier! It is worth every penny!!"

--B. Taylor, Beverly Hills, California

"I own a few pawn shops in the Atlanta metro area and we purchased your
LIGHT BOX a few months ago to take pics of our inventory for sale on eBay.
It used to take us all day to shoot pics for EACH LOCATION, but now we
just send one guy to each store with the LB1000 and it all gets done in one day.
The Photo Light Pro is portable and very easy to use. I would recommend it to everyone."
You have saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks.

--D. Arnold, Atlanta, Georgia

"I can't believe how quick and easy this thing [The Photo Light Pro] is to use!!
The pics are great and I love being able to carry it with me. Great job!!"

--J. Richardson, Miami, Florida

Expert Watch Repair Testimonials...

"Having been a Rolex aficionado since 1974, I have rotated enjoying Daytona, Cellini, and President
models every two to three years for variety. During these forty years, I have purchased the watches from retail dealers
to “watch mills” on the internet from south Florida to Texas. My most recent experience was with the largest mill in Dallas
who will remain unnamed. I had purchased a Daytona from them several years ago and returned it for repairs
as it would not wind. After a lengthy period, they called and said because it had a Zenith movement, they had no parts for it
and neither did anyone else in Dallas so I would have to return it to Rolex to be fixed. I immediately went to the online Rolex forums
and found that one of the premier and preferred private Rolex repair facilities in the country was Quality Tyme in St. Pete,
Florida and also discovered that the owner of the company was John Brozek, the arthur of the Rolex bible, The Rolex Report
which most dealers, collectors, and individuals use for reference purposes. I called John and he agreed to look the Daytona over
but was amazed that this Dallas mill and their watchmakers could not fix it. Within two days John emailed me,
saying that all the watch needed was a simple cleaning. As the timing was about right for me to go to another President,
I commissioned him to find me a vintage model 18038 which he did in short fashion at a very fair,
competitive price so we traded and I was quite pleased with the transaction. Needless to say, I will only deal with John Brozek
in the future on all my future purchases and repairs and I cannot recommend him highly enough to others.
He is a class guy with extreme creditability within the Rolex family of owners. As John has many irons in the fire, He can,
at times, seem to be a little short when people don’t have their facts and figures together when they call or email him,
so don’t call and ask how the weather is in St. Pete! I’ll take that any day. I give Quality Tyme and John Brozek an A+."

--Bud in South Carolina


--Tim Medford, North Ridgeville, OH

"The Rolex you restored looks great. I appreciate the wonderful work
and effort and will recommend you to my Rolex owning friends"

--John Hanretty, Norfolk, VA

"My Rolex arrived today and I am delighted with it, it looks like it did the day
I bought it in a Military BX in Grarmisch Germany in 1967.

--Bill Hensley, Tucson, AZ

"Fantastic job on my husband's Rolex. I'm sure he will love having his watch working again.
It looks brand new! Thank you for meeting the deadline for his birthday. It was a pleasure
to work with you and I'll definitely keep you in mind for future watch repairs/purchases.

--Carol Lassiter, Murfreesboro, NC

"Thank you for your assistance. My watch looks fantastic.
If it runs as well as it looks, you have a very satisfied customer."

--John Phelan, River Forest, IL

"My watch arrived safe and sound. Thank-you for doing such a wonderful job taking care of it."

--Gary Barrentine, Redlands, CA

"I received my watch today and it looks great...thanks very much for the quick turnaround and fine work!"

--Dominic Chu, Stamford, CT

"Dear Mr. Brozek, I would like to thank you for the overhaul service you provided on my 38 year old Rolex Datejust.
I am very happy with the results. You cleaned the outer edge of the dial . This had not been done before even though
Rolex had overhauled it twice. I was also impressed that when I called with questions it was you that I spoke to.
I have always been a fan of Rolex watches. My wife rekindled this interest when she presented me with a gold
and stainless Submariner for my 60th birthday. As the result of this I purchased your book "The Rolex Report"
which I have enjoyed. Thank you for your service."

--David R. Duff, Toms River, NJ

"I've had my Rolex GMT back for almost a month now after you serviced it. Hooah! It came back looking new,
it keeps time better than when it was new, and it was returned a lot quicker than when Rolex serviced it.
You have my recommendation and my business next time it needs service.

--Bob Rich, LaGrange, KY

"I just got my wife's Rolex back from your service department, and I can't believe how good it looks.
My wife didn't even recognize her watch -- it looks brand new. The turn around time was very fast
and the quality of your work is second to none. Thank you VERY much for your excellent service."

--D. Allen, Sarasota, Florida

"Thanks for doing a stellar job on my GMT-MASTER repair and service.
I couldn't have asked for a better result. It really does look and work better than new. First class all the way."

--Raymond Prado, Montpelier, Vermont

"I received my watch today and it looks great! Everyone tells me it looks like a new watch...
pretty good for a 31 year old vintage time piece! Thanks for your excellent service!"

--Bill Johns, Vallejo, California

"I have had Qualitytyme service all 6 of my Rolexes over the past year and the quality of
your work is beyond words. Rolex Beverly Hills wouldn't work on them (said they were too old),
but you did and I just can't believe how good they look! I bought my GMT while overseas in
Vietnam and my Paul Newman Daytona about 5 years ago after I got the Rolex "bug"...
These watches mean the world to me, so I was skeptical about shipping them to someone
(I have never met) over 2000 miles away. Mr. Brozek talked to me personally and immediately
put me at ease. I will not even consider letting anyone else touch my watches.
Please feel free to use me as a testimonial, as your customers should
know how good you guys really are."

--Andrew Webb, Beverly Hills, California

"I just wanted to thank you. I received my watch back yesterday and it's better than it's ever been.
It works perfectly, and looks like "new". I am so grateful, and expect to send you the next one of many
for your expertise to address, in the coming week!"

--Robyn Bennett, Los Angeles, California

"I just received my Rolex watch back this AM. Wow, it looks like the day it came out of the jeweler's case!
Very nice job. Very professional! Better that Rolex's service...much faster and you even give better
box when sending back! Thanks for everything!!!"

--Matt Holmes, Boston, Massachusetts

"Outstanding reconditioning work on my Submariner and Oyster Date. The Oyster Date looks as good
as it did the day I bought it in 1981. Thanks, and feel free to use me as a reference."

--Brad Layne, Kennesaw, Georgia

"The watch looks fabulous! You did a terrific job on the restoration. Thank you very much for a job well done.
I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know seeking service or restoration on their Rolex. Thanks again.

--Rick Farris, Augusta, Georgia

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